Me, I am a Rider

Got a hundred miles ‘til sundown, Keep pushing through the night, then the

Crystal sun comes shining through, Buddy, what a sight

But I’m feeling good, feeling fine, Just drive up to the sky

Just get ‘er there, and get ‘er done, Diesel engine fly


Tell me brother, where to go, Through the darkness of the night

Rolling through that spirit world, Across the eagle’s flight

Whoa, whoa, yippy -I-a, yippy-I-o, Whoa, whoa, yippy -I-a, yippy-I-o

Daddy was a wrangler, My momma was a Sioux

With eyes on the horizon, They were nobody’s fools

And me I am a rider, A singin’ in the night

The highway is my hunting ground, Diesel engines ride


Grand-daddy was a miner, Then he climbed up out the hole

Jumped the rail in West Virgin', Driving shoveling coal

He and his four brothers, A whistling in the night

Just get ‘er there and get ‘er done, Steam engine flies


Copyright 2010. William C Denison Jr. and
Vista Way Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved.