Squirrel’s a hoppin’ across the lawn, pretty damn soon that squirrel’ll be gone

When you coming home girl, can you say, I wish you were sittin’ with me today

You been gone for so damn long, when you gonna find where you belong?

You won’t find love like the love from me, that squirrel is a sittin’ in the big oak tree

You chose the city, I chose the farm, hope that smog ain’t done you no harm

Smokes no good for your pretty pretty eyes, you shouldn’t have listened to those big city lies

Squirrel is a hoppin’, pretty soon he’ll be me, without your love, I’ll be up a tree

If you don’t come home, I’ll sail across the sea, or be a damn monk in a monastery

Oh you know I’ll never do any such thing, but gosh darn girl it’s hard to sing

With you being there all away from me, that squirrel is a hoppin’ from limb to tree

So come on back home girl, don’t take long, we’ll raise us a family, and sing us a song

Kids’ll grow up barefoot in the sun, and we’ll watch that squirrel in the tree having fun

Copyright 2010. William C Denison Jr. and
Vista Way Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved.