The Ballad of Marshal Smith

“All aboard!” he shouted with a serpent’s hiss.

The people took their places as he checked them off his list.

The engineer said, “Sit back and just enjoy the ride.” 

The train began a humming, the sheep-le dosing off inside.

The engineer kept callin’ for more and more steam.

The fireman’s scoop answered with disturbing speed.



She’s a Runaway

It's comin’ off the tracks

We gotta take control

We better win her back


Callin’ all of you cowboys and all of you cowgirls

A gang has seized control of our little world.

The sandbox is empty and we’re racing in the rain

The marshal needs keen deputies if we are gonna save this train.

So, rise up good country folk, our palaver is through


It’s time to make a stand and you know what you have to do.


Boney hands are taxing the throttle and they’ve broken off the brake.

The boiler’s burned through all the coal and now they’re burnin’ up the train.

Some people finally took notice and started to complain

They were herded into cattle cars or pushed right off the train.

The conductor couldn’t take no more he decided to switch sides.

He found the Marshal’s napping spot and wakened his old guide.

Adam jumped up riled, rousted from his sleep.


He battled his way to the tender and made a final leap.

He quickly dispatched the fireman whom he caught off guard

But the engineer was ready. He goaded as he fired,

“Boy where do you think you’re going? Don’t you know your time is through?”

The doomed Marshal just smiled, he knew exactly what to do.




Give the devil his due!

Adam unskinned his Peacemaker, its name “Shining Truth”.

His hand like greased lightening, his foe never saw it move.

He knew he was done for, only a few more grains of sand.

He had to summon the country folk, to get their helping hands.

He ducked a second shot, spun and fired to the rear

Even in the caboose his message was crystal clear. 



On down to Washington, we gotta take her back.

Up there in Madison, it's coming off the tracks!

Ad Lib:  Atlanta, up to Concord, way Down in Jackson
Over Dover, etc.

Words & Music  Copyright 2010 Joel A. Nielsen
Publisher: Grendel Entertainment, All rights reserved.